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Benefits of working with ValistiQ

Ad Hoc Service

Each procurement process is exclusively adapted to your particular needs, considering every minor detail. We follow your instructions on the profile of law firm or service provider you wish to engage with, ensuring that selected candidates have proved expertise on the specific matter. In this regard, you may ask us to request proposals from:

  • Multinational, local, Big4, large, medium, small or boutique firms.
  • Firms offering cost-effective services or flexible pricing structures.
  • Firms that provide an excellent client experience (i.e., agility, full availability, and fluid communications).
  • Local firms founded by professionals coming from top tier multinational firms.
  • Firms that have partners that are truly involved in the matter or that speak your language fluently.
  • Firms that have a strong network of contacts in a particular sector or that are members of any sector-related association.
  • Firms with teams that have been highly rated by our clients.
  • Any other characteristic that is important for you.

Moreover, you may request us to invite a firm of your preference or that someone has recommended, so it can participate in the tender process and compete with other candidates.

Time Savings

We invest our time and resources in interviewing and selecting trustful firms that meet your criteria and bringing them to compete for you. We coordinate the process from end to end and provide you with a concise report comparing all proposals according to objective criteria previously agreed with you. Without spending time in administrative tasks, you receive all the benefits of a professional procurement process that is coordinated by former lawyers.  


Budget Savings & Increased Quality Services
As a result of a strict and healthy competition process and centralized requests, you will receive excellent proposals (scope-price-client experience) from proved experts. We negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best conditions.
Accurate Expenditure Forecast
We do not accept proposals that do not allow to foresee the total cost of the service, or which do not reflect clearly what is included in the offer. We bring firms to quote under fixed fee or maximum cap structures. Moreover, we ensure law firms indicate additional expenses or disbursements so you can take them into account.
Increased Compliance

Increase the transparency of your procurement processes by outsourcing them to a third independent party that acting as an impartial arbitrator ensures a fair competition and equal opportunities for all candidates.

Furthermore, we provide you with a report containing detailed information on the firms, their proposed teams, client credentials, pricing, KPIs and any other element that is relevant for you, so you can easily compare proposals from all standpoints. Our clients find these comparison reports very valuable for justifying their procurement decisions before their internal audit team, the Board, or their Holding company.

Risk Reduction & Ensured expertise
Those proposals you receive will only be coming from trustful firms that are proved experts in the matter and in their jurisdiction. We interview with preselected firms to ensure their experience and request their credentials of working on similar matters for similar clients. Moreover, we have a privileged position to observe firsthand how firms work and thus select those that consistently perform at a high level.
Improved Client Experience
We believe that law firms and other services providers should also work hard on providing an outstanding client experience. Therefore, we request firms to include KPIs/SLAs and commitments regarding availability, response times, recurring follow up meetings, detailed and transparent invoicing, single point of contacts, use of technology, timeline accuracy, communication streams, or any other that is important for you.
Double Filter for Quality

Law firms and service providers will work hard for you as a new client but also for ValistiQ, as they are aware that if the level of the service provided is below what is expected, ValistiQ will not invite them to future tenders. Therefore, thanks to centralizing requests, they will put greater effort and attention to ensure your success and satisfaction.

One Single Dedicated Team

No matter the country, you will always work with the same team, that will get to learn your preferences, internal policies, and business particularities. We will do all the work, so you simply receive all proposals, decide and attend the introductory calls or meetings we will schedule for you.

Follow up & Continuous Support
We remain at your service during the entire relationship with the firm you decide to engage, and we send you regular satisfaction surveys so you can let us know if the firm is performing as agreed.

Since our foundation we have



What our clients say about us

ValistiQ’s services are similar to those rendered by Headhunters, but in a much more innovative and professionalized way. They quickly select candidate firms that match our criteria and present their proposals in a clear and visual manner which is very useful for us. I guess they could be defined as “Law Firm Hunters” or “Legal Brokers”, but in my opinion, they are much more than that”.


Global Head of Legal of a Real Estate Company

“When looking for legal services abroad we typically worked with multinational law firms where a partner from our country put us in touch with a partner from another office. However, this implied high prices and frequently unnecessary extra costs for coordination fees. Thanks to ValistiQ we easily get in touch with the best local firms in each country, receive several proposals and avoid any additional costs for this. I am a true fan of their business model.”

GC of a Healthcare company

“Thank you ValistiQ and special mention for its team, for the efforts and excellent job done. It is always a pleasure to work with such high-quality standards, in line with our company’s policy.”

Head of Legal of an Agro-Tech Multinational Company
“What I personally most value about ValistiQ is how they get into the detail, those minor aspects that are crucial for us. The way they reflect them in their tender documents and how they translate all our needs to the different law firms is simply what makes the difference.”

Head of Legal of a multinational company developing renewable energy plants
“I would like to highlight the great job done by ValistiQ, taking into account that we had a short period of time to coordinate local proposals in 6 different countries.”

Head of Tax of a leading multinational corporation
“Our company has trusted ValistiQ to help us find external counsel in several european countries, due to its commitment and seriousness”

Corporate Legal Director, world leading company in the construction and operation of renewable energy plants
“Without doubt, in a short period of time, ValistiQ’s team have understood our company’s spirit and objectives, something which our managing team highly appreciates.”

General Counsel of a company producing plant protection products
“Despite we outsourced with ValistiQ most of our procurement processes abroad, we have experienced how much value their team brings when searching for law firms in our own country. We have reduced our average legal spend considerably and are working with a top tier firm under excellent conditions, delegating all communications in ValistiQ”.

General Counsel of a leading tourism group
“One of the best cost-reduction strategies our company has undertaken this year, has been hiring ValistiQ for reconfiguring our legal panel in several countries. Its strong impact in our expenditure has been welcomed by all our senior management in such an uncertain year”.

Board Secretary and CLO of an important holding group

Some examples of our track record

Law Firms Worldwide
We recurrently work for law firms that need local support in another country for a particular matter or project. We quickly bring to them different proposals from trustful local firms that we know are flexible, agile and provide cost-efficient services, so they can choose the one that better suits their needs.
Spanish Listed Group (Renewable Energy Sector)

We are the outsourced procurement department of a Spanish listed group operating in the renewable energy sector. We have supported them in hiring tier 1 law firms for project development, construction and M&A in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and the United States. Moreover, we have conducted procurement processes for selecting accounting and tax firms with strong expertise in the energy sector for managing their SPVs in all those countries. Additionally, we have helped them to procure different LegalTech tools [Ongoing support]

A Leading investment bank in the Gulf Region
We have supported a leading investment management firm in selecting and engaging service providers for trustee and AML services in the Cayman Islands and transfer pricing matters in Spain. Furthermore, we conducted an RFP process between Big4 firms in Luxembourg for Global Tax Compliance Services [Ongoing support].
Wine & Spirit Producer
We recurrently work with the legal department of a wine and spirit producer and distributor. Among other countries, we have conducted tender processes in Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, US, Mexico, and Brazil for engaging local law firms that can take care of all their corporate, commercial, Real Estate, and labor matters. [Ongoing support].
Independent Power Producer
We have coordinated RFP processes on behalf of a European IPP for selecting local law firms with vast experience in PV Solar Projects for their day-to-day operations in Italy, Poland, the US, and Brazil, as well as for an important M&A operation in France. Furthermore, we have supported the group in hiring accountants and tax advisors in Poland and Germany. [Ongoing support]
European Leader in the LNG Sector
We have supported a European leader in the LNG Sector in hiring tax lawyers in Italy and regulatory lawyers in the United Kingdom. Additionally, we conducted tender processes for selecting tax, accounting and payroll firms in the UK and Germany, as well as technical engineering consultants in Greece for a due diligence process [Ongoing support]
Market leader for online food ordering in Latin America
We have worked with the market leader for online food ordering in LatAm, helping the company engage lawyers in Argentina and Panama.
Middle East Holding Group
We helped the General Counsel of a Middle East holding group operating in the telecom, automotive and software industries to hire local law firms in Canada, Iraq, Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia for corporate, commercial, and labor matters.
Agribusiness Multinational Group
A European corporation that manufactures and distributes phytosanitary products requested our support for selecting and engaging expert local lawyers in regulatory and commercial law to advise them in their operations in Morocco, Egypt, South Africa Greece, Chile, and the US.
Leading Manufacturer of Electronic Products
We have supported a worldwide leading manufacturer of electronic products to hire a top tier law firm under a monthly retainer for all their core needs, as well as a 1-year secondment. Furthermore, we conducted an RFP process for selecting and engaging environmental compliance experts. [Ongoing support]
Australian Provider of Explosives
One of the world’s largest providers of commercial explosives and blasting systems requested our services for engaging with regulatory litigation lawyers in Belgium.
Spanish Hospital Group
We have helped one of the most important hospital groups in Spain in hiring local tax, regulatory and corporate experts in Costa Rica.
Leading Solar PPA Provider in the Nordics

We have supported the leading solar power purchase agreement provider in the Nordics in hiring a German law firm with proved expertise in PPA drafting and negotiation.

Home and Car Cleaning Products Distributor

We have been trusted by this multinational company for helping them select law firms for IP matters in 14 countries across the Caribbean and South America. Moreover, we helped them engage corporate and employment lawyers in Chile and Peru.

Spanish Manufacturer of Explosives
We conducted tender processes for hiring commercial litigation experts in the Dominican Republic and Yemen.
Startups and entrepreneurs
We have worked with different Startups Scaleups and entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors, helping them in selecting the most appropriate lawyers, tax consultants and accountants for their particular needs.