Trust Bridges

A Service For Connecting Our Clients with Top Trusted Service Providers

Express Service

Quickly receive negotiated ad hoc proposals from our most trusted experts and start working with them in 24-48 hours.

For Any Matter in Any Country

Simply let us know what kind of service you need. We will connect you with trusted local professionals whose expertise, customer service, and value for money make them reliable partners in their respective jurisdictions.

For both Law Firms & Corporates

A service designed to help law firms and companies create immediate, safe, and trustful bridges (connections) with professionals of our total confidence.

For free

Our service is free of charge for our clients. Tell us what kind of service and firm you are looking for and we will do the rest.

Have you ever participated in projects that required support from a local service provider in another country?

We want to create safe and trustful bridges (connections) between the most trusted professionals we know in each jurisdiction and our clients, as well as between law firms themselves.

Among other, we can easily put you in touch in any country with reliable:

  • Expert local law firms in any matter
  • Tax Advisors (tax compliance, transfer pricing, VAT refunds, etc.)
  • Accountants and auditors (BPO services, financial statements, bookkeeping, payroll, etc.)
  • Firms for Company formation or acquisition of shelf companies
  • Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs)
  • Firms rendering CoSec services (Company Secretary and Corporate Governance)
  • Data protection advisors
  • Compliance experts (compliance programs, risk mapping, white collar, etc.).
  • Firms providing Trustee & Fiduciary Services / Tax Representatives
  • M&A post-closing service providers and M&A full-service agencies
  • Due diligence legal, financial, and technical teams
  • Contacts for M&A opportunities (investors & sellers)
  • Litigation funds (third-party funding / selling rights in disputes)
  • Public aid and subsidies managers
  • Legal and financial translators
  • Asset Managers for Renewable Energy facilities
  • Consultants of all kinds (strategy, engineering, financial, etc.).

We can help you hire any professional service in any country.

We are not an international alliance of law firms. We are Law Firm and Service Provider Search Consultants that put our network of reliable contacts at your service for free.

ValistiQ has carried out procurement processes in +95 countries, getting into touch with a large and constantly growing number of trustful law firms and other kinds of service providers, whom we have met and observed first-hand during our tenders, in client meetings and in projects where we have participated as legal project managers. Moreover, our clients provide us with constant feedback on the performance of those firms they work with.


Therefore, ValistiQ’s position, both by direct observation and by the references received from our extensive network, is unique when it comes to identifying reliable local professionals.

If we don´t have the contact you are looking for we will search it for you, for our network!