The Legal Procurement Company

Helping corporate legal and tax departments in selecting, comparing and engaging the most appropriate law firms & service providers for their specific needs in any country.

A New Approach To Buying Legal Services

Free Service

Benefit of our expertise and reliable network of contacts in the legal world. We will generate healthy competition between firms that meet your requirements and share with you their proposals in a clear comparative report. All free of charge.

Time & Cost Savings

Following your criteria, we work on selecting reliable firms and bringing them to compete for you. Quickly receive competitive proposals and easily choose the one that better suits your needs. Let counsel do counsel work, we are here for the rest.

Increased Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Transparent procurement processes coordinated by a third independent party that ensures expert firms for each matter and compares their proposals objectively. 

Tailored Services

Let us know what you need, from what kind of firm and any other detail that is relevant for you. We are not an automated marketplace of service providers or freelancers; we are a team of professionals who listen to you and adapt their services to your specific needs.

Helping our clients do “More with Less”

Over the last years, corporate legal and tax departments have experienced how their workload and responsibilities have been constantly growing. However, in most cases, their resources have not been increased proportionally and there is even strong pressure to cut costs. Therefore, these teams are frequently in the need to optimize their time and budget, while maintaining the level of service providers they work with. Furthermore, we are aware of how challenging searching for a reliable lawyer abroad can be.

For this purpose, we have developed a tailor-made procurement outsourcing exclusively aimed at:

1. Fostering healthy competition among proved experts in a specific matter in any country.

2. Making it easy for our clients to compare proposals and select the most suitable option for their needs.

3. Generating significant time and budget savings along the process.

Moreover, to efficiently contribute to helping our clients do more with less, our service has been designed so that it is free of charge for them.

Our Team

A procurement team with a strong legal background and full understanding of the legal sector and its particularities.

Former lawyers

Our firm was founded by former lawyers coming from top tier international law firms and the Big4. Furthermore, we have acquired LegalTech experience working as consultants for software vendors like Thomson Reuters.

Some of our team members and counsels also work as Adjunct Professors at IE Law School.

Worldwide legal procurement experience

Since our foundation in 2020 we have helped our clients to procure legal services in +95 countries and interviewed +2,200 law firms & service providers, becoming the trusted advisor of general counsels, tax directors, CHROs, CFOs & CEOs of corporations and investment funds operating in a wide variety of sectors.

We want to make the legal & professional services market more transparent by promoting an open and healthy competition.