Other Free Services


We help you buy LegalTech.

Our team has vast experience in digital transformation processes of legal and tax departments.

Get in touch and explain us your need. We will guide you along the process and:

  • Contact different software vendors that offer tools that meet your criteria.
  • Organize demos so you can understand the different software and their functionalities.
  • Request a proposal for the tools you like most and negotiate it on your behalf.

Once more, with no cost for you.

Training & Talent


We help you procure compliance and other legal-related trainings for all your employees or specific departments under a wide variety of formats with the objective of effectively raising awareness and consequently reducing risks.

Our clients, among other topics, frequently request trainings on the following topics:

  • Anticorruption
  • Anti Montey Laundering
  • Code of Conduct
  • Competition Law / Antitrust
  • Data Privacy
  • Dawn Raids
  • Whistleblowing 

Furthermore, we help corporate legal, tax and HR departments to procure specific trainings from law firms on any topic their teams might need.



  • Secondments: We also assist legal and tax departments in finding reliable lawyers to hire under secondment structures for temporary needs or periods of higher workload. We negotiate on your behalf with law firms to save you time and ensure the best conditions.
  • New hires: Are you looking to hire a lawyer for your legal department? Ask us, we will try to help.