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Why ValistiQ




All practice areas and services

Any kind of firm

No cost, Free Outsourcing

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Time savings. Create maximum competition amongst top experts whilst you save time and focus on added-value matters. We invest our time and resources in searching and asking for references of experienced law firms in each matter that also meet your company's standards. We conduct the entire tender on your behalf, drafting a Final Report for you with all conclusions reached and a clear comparison of proposals.


Cost reduction and increased-quality services. As a result of a fair competition and clearly drafted instructions, you will receive better proposals in what refers to a quality-scope-price relationship.


Spending Predictability. We do not accept proposals that do not allow to foresee the total cost of the service or which do not include a precise description of the scope of services.


Double filter for quality. Law firms understand that if the level of the service provided is below what is expected, we will not invite them anymore to our JATs. Therefore, they will put greater effort and attention to ensure your success. Furthermore, we follow up on your satifaction.


Compliance. Increase the transparency of your legal procurement processes by outsourcing it to a third independent party with no commitment with any law firm. Receive a final report comparing all proposals according to your criteria, use it to justify your procurement decisions. 


Specialization. Those proposals you receive will only be coming from proved experts in your need, we bring you the experts in each area of practice for your particular sector.


Worldwide coverage, one single dedicated team. Your dedicated procurement team has been trained to support you in all your legal and tax procurement needs worlwide. They will do everything so you only have to decide who to work and attend the Kick-Off call we will schedule with the firm you choose.

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