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About ValistiQ

Our Mission


Helping our clients do more with less.
Over recent years we have seen how in-house legal departments have been assigned new duties and responsabilities (i.e. compliance, data protection and many other) without a proportional increase of their resources, meaning they are forced to optimize resources.
Furthermore, we know how challenging searching for a trustful external counsel abroad can be.

ValistiQ has come to redefine Legal Procurement, by designing a disruptive procurement model, the Jointly Agreed Tender, that is completely oriented to help corporate legal and tax departments save time and money, whilst ensuring quality, when spending in law firms or legal technology.



We are former lawyers.

All our team has acquired legal professional experience working for international law firms, Big4 companies or tier-1 legal-tech software vendors. Moreover, some of our members are Professors at important Law Schools.


We understand the legal market, we want to make it more transparent.

We bring the benefits of healthy competition to the legal world.

Zero Cost Policy

Zero cost policy logo.png

Since our foundation in 2020 we have conducted procurement processes in more than 75 countries, becoming the trusted advisor of general counsels, tax directors & CFOs of corporations from all sectors.

Thanks to our Zero Cost Policy, our clients benefit of a Free Outsourcing. They pay nothing for our services and decide everything.  It is what we call True ROI.

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